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Does something in your life need to change?

Thank you for landing on my coaching homepage. This year, I have been inundated with coaching enquiries (on top of my psychotherapy practice) - I think Coronavirus has stirred up many things in people and there is definitely a push from people to BE, DO and HAVE something different in life. However, my diary has been full for some time and we may not be able to find a suitable day/time to work together. However, if you would still like an initial conversation about your needs, please do get in contact and let's have an initial chat. I use Zoom - and you will need either a PC or Laptop (not an iPad or mobile phone as I find these formats too small). I also do not do coaching (or therapy) on the telephone.

Career needing a shake up? Feeling invisible - and thinking its about time you were seen and heard? Or at a life crossroads, but the direction is less than clear?

You may have considered talking to a psychotherapist or counsellor - but have you ever thought of proactively making changes with personal development coaching instead?

As well as a long-time psychotherapist, I am a personal development coach/life coach - an experienced catalyst for your own ideas, thoughts and actions:

More convenient than sitting within four walls - it doesn't restrict your location, you don't have to travel, pay parking costs and add extra time before and after the session, etc. Unlike psychotherapy, which is almost exclusively weekly, I suggest we meet every other week - giving you time to make changes and consider next steps.

WALK AND TALK COACHING SOUTH WEST LONDON - currently full until 2021:
Where possible, I reserve a few weekly appointments for those who live local to Teddington, Twickenham, Richmond, South West London (and the Isle of Wight where I live and work part-time) - to walk and talk outside in nature, get unstuck and re-energise your decision-making.

My aim is for you to experience real change, with longevity...

  • gain clarity - a way forward
  • self-esteem
  • identity
  • status
  • independence
  • a sense of belonging
  • sleep
  • well-being - mental and physical health
  • a sense of balance and flow
  • safety and security
  • a sense of humour!

    Clients choose to work with me because I am fair, straightforward, consistent and calm. I do not subscribe to the populist coaching fad of "pile 'em high" social media marketing and knocking clients out like shelling peas. I don't aim to be your quick fix - all hubris and novelty. I'm interested in helping you shape a solid mindset on which you can build yourself. I offer life experience, a business background, 12 years as a Relational Psychotherapist - and the last 4 years as a Psychotherapeutic Coach. My personal aim is to make myself redundant. Yep. Then I'll know I've done a half good job.

    My coaching is underpinned in three ways:

    1. My business background.
    I've always been a self-starter. I worked up from music business Junior -
    to General Manager of a niche, high-profile fashion production & retail company. On the way, I managed industrial marketing communications and was the UK Marketing Manager for StratX, the international consulting group, headed by INSEAD Professor of Marketing, Jean-Claude Larreche - specialising in training board directors & managers in marketing strategy.
    In 2007, after the fashion industry's "ab-fab" dramas failed to impress, I went freelance as a hands-on Marketing Projects Manager and as a Director of an Australasia-to-UK call-centre recruitment company. I still have business interests, as a Director in industrial services. I think creatively and my style is "can do".

    2. I've been a Relational Psychotherapist in private practice for 13 years.
    In coaching it is useful to understand how the human mind constructs its reality and how people can consciously/unconsciously sabotage their futures. For several years prior to commencing a MSc in psychotherapy, I was an Associate Director of an NHS Trust reviewing patients Sectioned under the Mental Health Act (a role I also briefly undertook for The Priory in London a few years ago, before resigning on ethical grounds); I've worked in an exclusive residential addictions rehab in Surrey and founded three relationship self-help groups in the local community. I am a registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (MBACP).

    3. I raised my status to that of Professional Coach,
    Whilst working as a Psychotherapist, people started contacting me asking for coaching. As an advanced practitioner in both Transactional Analysis (often used in executive coaching), and Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT), which offers a whole-life approach, I now blend the two. In 2018, I gained a practical in-depth coaching qualification and am now a Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC) - and am currently on the path of professional accreditation.

    What to expect from me:

  • I look at change-making with a whole-life lens - everything is connected.
  • I'll help you to actively engage with your core values and focus on outcomes, not minutiae.
  • I endeavour to do my very best for my clients - and if I cannot do my best,
    I will refer you.
  • I've no time for the fad of coaching that relies on cheap hooks.
  • And I won’t be writing a whizzy eBook (frankly, I'd rather be coaching)
  • …nor promising “12 Incredible Secrets…” “Six awesome hacks” of whatever.
  • You won’t be asked to join a “coachee” Facebook Group. I don’t have one.
  • I don’t wear a suit - what you say is more important than what I wear.
  • I'm pretty straightforward. Oh, you got that!
  • I can see both the wood and the trees.

    ICO (Data Protection) membership since 2014: ZA072702
    Full, professional indemnity insured.
    Member of the Association of Coaching
    Member of The Coaching Directory and The Counselling Directory.

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