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Online coaching is time-efficient, convenient, comfortable...

Be coached at work, be coached at home, in a hotel, even in the park or on the beach - wherever you can link up on your PC/laptop.

In my experience, coaching online adds something to the mix - it seems to free up people's natural reserve when talking about significant life issues. That's a good thing! It helps the flow of work.

As you would expect, coaching with me is global - I welcome clients from the UK, throughout Europe, Australasia, Hong Kong, Singapore and America. I was once coached online by a professional life coach in Florida, and we linked up productively every week online. If the timing works, then I look forward to meeting you in any country.

As well as focusing on key goals and outcomes, my aim for you is one of wellbeing: to touch that sense of 'self', your core life values, your strengths, your preferences, recognising the hallmarks of disaster, games we play, 'stories' we tell ourselves, not getting drawn into toxicity, building self-assurance, creating a more supportive circle, taking risks (yes!), proper self-care and developing a sense of balance and flow.

How do online coaching sessions work?

Prior to our first session, I will send you a short form to take care of what I call the "domestics" (name/contact details/brief info, etc) and then we will have an informal 'chemistry' meeting of between 30 and 60 minutes, via the online conferencing software, VSee. Or, if we are both local to Teddington, SW London at the same time, then we might have this meeting over a cuppa at The Lensbury Club, Teddington. I'm pretty flexible.

Unlike Zoom or Skype, VSee is HIPAA compliant. In short, this means that as we speak over the Internet, our ‘data’ (our conversation/images) is not held in a remote server that buffers between You and Me. Instead, VSee encrypts the data and stream it direct from point-to-point = from You to Me. Using a company like VSee, ensures that I comply with the UK Data Protection Act, when working as a Psychotherapeutic Coach.

To use, let me have your email and I will send a VSee invitation out to you. VSee's basic application is free to use on your PC or laptop (vsee.com). Should you want to learn more about VSee and HIPAA compliance, please check out VSee’s webpage on compliance: https://vsee.com/hipaa

Sometimes, we may – by arrangement (if location allows) – introduce Walk and Talk to our sessions, whereby we take to the parks, beaches or open spaces, to be around nature as you work through key issues. Being out in the fresh air is a great mood buster, motivator and re-connects you to yourself.

Regularity of Sessions:

Depending on what you bring to your sessions, I recommend that we meet every other week, ie, no less than twice per month @ 2 x 1-hour sessions - as agreed. This gives you time to reflect and implement actions from the sessions. Alternatively, some clients like to meet every week in order to focus in-depth on a specific goal and keep the impetus going.

Fees - clear and simple:

Initial 30-60 minute 'chemistry' meeting: free of charge.

1-hour coaching sessions: £80.00 each

Block of 10 pre-paid sessions: £720.00

Payment for online coaching must be made by direct transfer in advance of session/s. Payment for Walk and Talk Coaching can either be pre-paid or paid in person on the day.

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